Drypoint Etching:
An image is drawn with a sharp tool onto a metal or plexiplate. Ink is applied to incised plate. Excess ink is wiped off. The plate is placed
on the press. Paper is put on the inked plate, then run through a press. This pushes the ink onto the paper and creates a print.

Acid Bath Etching:
A metal plate is coated with grounding liquid. An image is incised onto the plate and then it is dipped in an acid bath.
The acid bites into the uncoated areas where grounding has been scratched off, creating a groove for the ink to fill.

A unique image is painted onto a plexiglass plate. The plate is then placed on the press. Paper is placed on the plate.
Next, both the plate and paper are rolled through the press to produce a one-of-a-kind print. (Scroll to bottom of page to view monotypes).
Captain Jack's.
Drypoint Etching.
Provincetown Shoreline.
Drypoint Etching.
Life Drawing - Heart Tattoo.
Drypoint Etching
Atlas Pasta Jars
Drypoint Etching.
Apalone Spinifera, Trout et Al.
Drypoint Etching.
Leunig's Outdoors, Summer.
Drypoint Etching.
Sugar Beets in Blue.
Drypoint Etching.
Breakfast Spot.
Drypoint Etching.
Poivron Rouge.
Mermaid's Purse.
Cruche de L'eau.
Red Kiwi.
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